5 Times Lionel Messi Substituted & Changed The Game

5 Times Lionel Messi Substituted & Changed The Game

  • Lionel Messi is flying high in European soccer, but he can now fly even higher in style thanks to a new custom private jet.
  • The plane has been refitted, made bespoke, and rented to Messi by an Argentine company.
  • It is a $15 million jet that has 16-seats, comes with a kitchen, and has personal touches like his jersey number (10) on the tail and the names of his family members on the steps.
  • Messi reportedly earns $630,000 every week, excluding sponsorship deals, so could presumably pay for the jet outright if he likes the look of it.
  • Read all of Business Insider’s coverage for the 2018-2019 European soccer season right here.

Lionel Messi is renting a $15 million, 16-seat customized private jet that has the number 10 on its tail.

Author: Atiq Khan

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