Top 10 most beautiful women in sports.

Top 10 most beautiful women in sports.

When we stare back in the history, we will find that sports were only for the men. Even in the Olympic Games women were not allowed to participate in. In 1970s and 1980s, the participation of women in sports were promoted by different institution (i.e. United States). Women in sports brings more glamour in the sports. Beautiful women in sports are also followed by many females as an icon. Here you will find the list of most beautiful women in sports. This is my personal selection and I tried to include most beautiful women from different sports. Yours view and suggestion are greeted for perfection.

1. Alex Morgan (Football)

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Top 10 most beautiful women in sports. Alex Morgan

Alexandra Patricia Morgan well known as Alex Morgan is a United States soccer player. She has got an Olympic gold medal and has an honor of youngest football player in the whole history of United States. She is not only famous for her soccer skills but also well known for her splendid beauty. Her prettiness and awesome skills make her a role model for the girls. She married to her boyfriend Servando Carrasco after a long-term affair in December 2014 who is also a professional football player.

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