FA Cup Final Chelsea 1-0 Manchester United Extended Highlights 19/05/18 HD

FA Cup Final Chelsea 1-0 Manchester United Extended Highlights 19/05/18 HD

Jose Mourinho

talks. “I compliment them since they won, yet I don’t think they should win. I salute since I am a sportsman. They score one more objective than us and they get the glass, and I need to do what my activity requests that I do: I am the Manchester United administrator and I must be aware, not on account of they were my past club, but rather in light of the fact that they are the rival that won the container. However, I think we demand to win, we were the best group, yet that is football. I am interested to realize what you say, what individuals compose, in light of the fact that I can envision if my group played like Chelsea did, I can envision what everybody will state. I am very inquisitive. Be that as it may, I am on vacation. I gave all that I might, I be able to know the players gave everything, it was hard for us to play without Lukaku against a group who play nine players in the container, you require that nearness. They are not dumb, they know without Lukaku we don’t have a nearness, without Fellaini we don’t have a nearness, so with eight or nine players in the case, they knew they would have been prevailing. For me the picture of the amusement is that David de Gea didn’t touch the ball. We did everything, we attempted, it’s the sort of annihilation, while it harms, we gave everything, no second thoughts.”

The prize-giving function. Joined go up to gather their sprinters up decorations, dreary looked to a man. Empathies to them. At that point it’s the turn of Chelsea, who climb the means to lift their sparkly new trophy. It’s granted to an upbeat Gary Cahill by Jackie Wilkins, the dowager of Chelsea and United legend Ray. Blue is the Color impacts out of the PA. Ticker tape pours down. Also, in the long run Antonio Conte – radiating, vindicated – goes ahead to lift it. A lot of cheering all round … with the vanquished United group sportingly looking on.


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