Messi Vs Ronaldo Panna Show HD

Messi Vs Ronaldo Panna Show HD

Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Messi Free Kick Challenge | In Real Life!

Juventus vs Real Madrid 1-4 Full Highlights (English Commentary)

Forbes Top 10 highest paid athletes 2016

Forbes has Updated the 100 top Earning competitors in Sport, with everyone’s eyes on who makes it to number one in the wake of being paid the most over that last year.Just two footballers make it onto the rundown, with Ronaldo’s extraordinary opponent Lionel Messi tailing him up in second, while whatever remains of the main 20 is comprised of stars from the NFL, NBA, equation 1, golf, tennis and boxing.

10. Philip Rivers – NFL

Salary: $37.5m
Endorsements: $0.45m
Total: $38m

highest paid athletes 2016
highest paid athletes 2016
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