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Christiano Ronaldo is one of most productive and game changing player. Football is a game whose result may be changed with a single move or a kick. Ronaldo Best Last Minute Goals Ever. It is possible that till the 89th minute of game both teams do not score any goal and then in the last minute a hero score a goal and gives victory to his team. Ronaldo is one of them. He has changed the result of the match in last few moments of the game several times. No doubt he possess  extraordinary skills, ability and temperament which make him able to fight till the last second of the game to achieve success and change the summary of the game. He had score goals in last minute of the game many time. The video below contain top seven Ronaldo best last minute goals ever he scored for different teams. Watch and enjoy the last minute game changing goals of Ronaldo.

Ronaldo Best Last Minute Goals Ever – Sportssigma


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