Top 10 WNBA Hottest Players In The World

WNBA Hottest Players

Top 10 WNBA Hottest Players 2016

10. Leilani Mitchell

The American-Australian player has been in the WNBA since starting with the New York Liberty in 2008. She at this instant plays for the Phoenix Mercury, yet had her best season with New York in 2010 when she landed at the midpoint of 9.3 centers, 3.8 aides, and 1.6 takes for every beguilement, while starting in 34 redirections. She was valued with the WNBA’s Most Improved Player Award that same year. Mitchell once dated Chicago Bulls point watch Derrick Rose in 2008, and judging by her incredible smile and delightfully molded skin, he completely settled on a conventional choice. If she can play as she did in 2010 before long, she will attract more spectators.

9. Lauren Jackson

Jackson was the principle general pick in the 2001 WNBA Draft, and has been a seven time WNBA All-Star also a three time WNBA MVP. She has found the center approximation of more than 20 centers for every redirection in a season in five specific campaigns and more than 9 bob back per diversion three one of a kind years. Jackson has been a star in the union for each of the 12 seasons she has played. She might be an overwhelming player in the women’s redirection, yet she is unusually capable at demonstrating her touchy components off the court. Jackson is not any more unusual to looking hot in a swimming outfit, having shown her racier side in Sports Demonstrated nearby unique creations and endpoints.

8. Jasmine Lister

She is energetic and exceptionally charming with her hair straight or curly with attractive turns. The Los Angeles Sparks observe just got rang for her shot to finally play in the gathering, reflecting on a plane and concession her part as a UConn accomplice tutor behind her until further notice. Resultant to playing 31 minutes in an entertainment against the Connecticut Sun, Lister won’t not leave anytime sooner rather than later. She is averaging 5.0 centers for each preoccupation, while averaging just 14 minutes of play so far this season. It won’t not be much, but instead Lister is sure to leave a continuing impression off the court. She is petite and dazzling, having the capacity to add a little warmth to any photo opportunity.

7. Candice Wiggins

The four-time All-American from Stanford gained most of her ground at a more energetic age, yet in the meantime plays in the WNBA for the New York Liberty. Wiggins starting now won’t not be a star, but instead she has a wonderful head of hair that allows her to have different looks through a camera’s lens. Whether her hair is hesitating, wavy or straight, it is hard to miss her actual dull eyes. She is to an unbelievable degree photogenic, a Stanford graduate and even won three gold designs as a person from Team USA.

6. . Swin Cash

She has been a WNBA All-Star four times, and has been on three WNBA title bunches. Cash has furthermore been a person from two USA gold honor winning Olympic gatherings, exhibiting her triumphant ways. She has found the center estimation of 11.5 centers, 5.6 ricochet back and 2.5 aides for each diversion in seasons in the class. As productive as she is on the court, she similarly makes a positive impression with picture takers. She can be rich or shameful, yet in either case she leaves little instability that she can warm things up through a point of view.


5. Briann January

January was a first round decision of the Indiana Fever in the 2009 WNBA Draft, and is playing in her seventh WNBA season. She has spent her entire profession as a person from the Fever. In 2014, she earned her first WNBA All-Star purpose in the wake of averaging 10.3 centers and 3.7 aides for every preoccupation. In 2013-14, January prepared Adelphi University to the NCAA competition as a number two seed. She has the smile and wellbeing to make more than just a typical impression before a camera.

4. Erin Phillips

Erin Phillips may have made a massive mix by posturing in the men’s magazine, Alpha, wearing little attire, however that choose did wonders to sling her up this quick overview. The Australian watchman won’t not have made any WNBA All-Star amasses all through her calling, yet helped her get-togethers win two WNBA titles. She won one with the Indiana Fever in 2012 and another with the Phoenix Mercury in 2014. She moreover helped Australia win the silver honor at the Bejiing Olympics in 2008, and a gold configuration at the World Championships in 2006. Off the court before a camera is the spot Phillips truly knows how to shine. She has a capable body, blonde hair, and remarkable eyes, that propel a compelling expression when she warms up to a camera’s lens.

3. Candace Parker

Parker was the important lady to dunk in a NCAA competition matches and took after that up by being the second lady to dunk in a WNBA redirection. She was not just the WNBA Rookie of the Year in 2008, besides the social affair’s MVP that same year. Parker has been a first assembling WNBA All-Star on three separate events and has been handle in the playoffs also, averaging 20.6 focuses and 9.8 ricochet back per preoccupation in 21 postseason stimulations. Her play may be strong and complete, yet her grin is sweet and body is hot.

2. Elena Delle Donne

Delle Donne is tall, brown and incline, with sandy blonde hair that compliments her radiant facial components. She may take a gander at home on a shoreline, yet she can undermine rivals on the court. Delle Donne has found the inside estimation of 19.8 focuses, 5.8 ricochet back and 1.8 pieces for every distraction with the Sky. She is a two-time WNBA All-Star, and drove all players in votes in favor of the 2013 All-Star distraction as another kid on the square. Elena Delle Donne has starting late broken into the class, yet has effectively gotten a decent measure of thought. In the wake of seeing some of her pics, it is firmly immediate why.

1. Skylar Diggins

It may confuse some that Skylar Diggins tops this quick overview, yet her capacity to sizzle on the front of magazines and photograph shoots is difficult to best. She can look saucy, rich and excited, having no stress or nonappearance of confirmation when she is the subject of a camera’s lens. Diggins is no more unpredictable to showing up in Sports Illustrated and has been on the spread and similarly in several different magazines, paying little mind to the way that she just began her WNBA bringing in 2013. The past McDonald’s High School All-American highlighted at Notre Dame, where she changed into the school’s record-breaking driving scorer.

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