Uruguay vs Portugal All Goals & Highlights WC18 HD

Uruguay vs Portugal All Goals & Highlights WC18 HD

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96’: Last-Chance Corner
Portugal has sent its keeper Patricio into the box and he gets a head to it. But no. We’re well past the four minutes.

95’: Portugal Chance!
Quaresma from 10 feet … but it’s straight to the keeper and saved.

94’: Foul?!
Quaresma of Portugal really, really wants a foul called when he’s brought down outside the box by Stuani. The ref, who has let them play in this game, says No.

91’: Ronaldo Shoots!
Here’s an update to frighten Uruguay fans: Ronaldo shoots. But it’s from far out and wide. Four minutes of added time.

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88’: Uruguay Applying Pressure
Uruguay breaks two-on-one, but Portugal scrambles back on defense before they can get anything much going.

86’: Portugal Desperate
Fernandes figures he’ll try a shot from way out. It’s on net but saved. Portugal starting to look a little desperate.

84’: Ronaldo! Ronaldo?
He leaps high just in front of goal for a cross from Bernardo Silva, but it is just barely too high.

82’: Ball Not Where It Needs to Be for Portugal
A lot of midfield dueling at the moment. Time is not Portugal’s friend.

77’: Long Shot for Portugal
Guerreiro of Portugal from distance but he puts it over.

76’: Portugal Running Out of Chances
Ricardo Pereira puzzlingly puts a cross opportunity over the endline. Portugal needs to do a lot better.

72’: Cavani Limps Off
Edinson Cavani, two-goal scorer comes up limping. His rival Ronaldo supports him off the pitch in a nice show of sportsmanship that the crowd cheers. Stuani will replace Cavani for Uruguay.

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